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2020 iHeart Radio Music Festival

The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival took place on September 18 and 19 in Los Angeles, Nashville, London, NYC, and South Korea. We creating the lighting design for the performances at the iHeart Radio Theater in Burbank. These artists included Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Migos, Swae Lee, Khalid, and Usher. Filming took place over the course of 2 weeks. The set was a 4 wall set with 360 degree filming.

Director/ EP: Michael Dempsey
Set Designer: Tamlyn Wright
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine

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The High Note







DP: Jason McCormick
PD:  Theresa Guleserian
LD: Matt Ardine
Gaffer: Manny Tapia

We worked with the team of “The High Note” to create concert scenes that showed the world that (fictional) Grace Davis is a timeless diva superstar.

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Transparent Musical Finale


Director: Jill Solloway
Production Designer: Cat Smith
Cinematographer: Jim Frohna
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine
Gaffer: Jeremy Laundis

The Transparent Musical Finale takes the beloved Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series TRANSPARENT to new heights as a dazzling two-hour movie musical fantasia. We worked with this team to create 3 dance numbers on the “Abstract stage.”

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Lighting Design Reel

Hyundai VENUE : Urban Vibes


Director: John Park
Production Designer: Vincent Reynaud
Lighting Designer (plane interior): Matt Ardine

Cinematographer: MacGregor
Gaffer: Nizar Najm

We turned the inside of a real, functional cargo plane into a nightclub…for a car.


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Burger King – 12 Days of Cheesemas

Director: Evan Silver
Producer: Ryan Ennis
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine
Production Designer: Dan Butts
Cinematographer: Tristan Nyby


After the doors close, the Burger King puts on a rocking’ christmas light show!

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Kia – “Light Up The Holidays”

Director: Damian Kulash
Producer: Kelli Abraham
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine
Production Designer: Brian Branstetter
Cinematographer: Chris Soos


A Kia dealership is transformed into a large scale lighting display set to “CHRISTMAS EVE IN SARAJEVO” BY THE TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA.  We see the headlights of the cars light up. Behind the cars, the dealership, and the lot, also being to come to life with lights. Suddenly, we interrupt into a rocking visual of holiday lights.



Nike – Roll Bounce

Director: Hiro Murai
Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine

A normal NFL game is being played at Century Field with the Sea Hawks. As the Alpha Menace plants into the turf, the lighting changes at the moment of impact into a disco roller rink. The defense turns suddenly has roller skates on and Russell Wilson jukes them out, running down the field. To accomplish this, we added 350 lights into the stadium in 1 day for a 2 day shoot.

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Desperados – Bassdrop



Director: Ralf Scherenberg
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine

Desperados created a commercial in zero gravity to find the ultimate Bass Drop. This commercial featured a light show on the Zero G airplane that had to withstand the G forces associated with this famous plane.

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Clinique – Play With Pop ft/ Zara Larsson


Director: Hiro Murai
Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
Lighting Director: Matt Ardine

Clinique created this interactive commercial/music video to show off their new line of lipstick. In this piece, Zara Larsson created 4 versions of her song, Lush Life. The genres are acoustic, dance, pop, and country. For each version of the song, we used the same set with different dressing and the camera did the same exact moves on the Milo motion control rig.  Larkin and I created 4 distinct looks to go with the different genres.

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