The High Note – Tech Notes

DP: Jason McCormick
PD: Theresa Guleserian
LD: Matt Ardine
Gaffer: Manny Tapia
Rigging Gaffer: Adam Harrison
Dmx Tech: Ryan Babroff
Dmx Tech: Jeff Siljenberg
Programmer: David Kane
Programmer: Derek Hoffman
Programmer: Erik Androvich
Key Grip: Ray Garcia
Rigging Key Grip: Matt Floyd

Lighting Provided by: Volt Lites
LED Neon Sign by: Cush Lights

We worked with the crew to design the lighting for three of the concert sets for The High Note. Below is a breakdown of the concert montage, record release, and finale concert.

Concert Montage

The concert montage sequence was filmed in the Orpheum in Los Angeles over the course of two days. The goals of this sequence was to create a set for the song “Stop for a Minute” that showed that Grace Davis is a timeless pop-star. This one location had to work for several different locations across the country. Just as important as creating a memorable stage design was creating varied looks for the audience as many of the shots have the audience and the performers filling the frame.

Gear List:

28 -Clay Paky Mythos
15 – Clay Paky Scenius Profile
2 – Robe BMFL Followspot
34 – Colorforce II 72
4 – Colorforce II 48
120 – GLP Atoms
40 – ETC Source 4 Lustres
13 – Sunstrips
5 – Chauvet Strike 4

I previz’ed for 2 days at Volt Lites in Burbank with the lighting programmer, David Kane. This allowed us to be locked to time code so that every take and every shot looks exactly the same which is vital when cutting the sequence together. Ryan Babroff and Adam Harrison worked with their teams to prep all of the lighting at Volt Lites because at the location we had a 1 day load in followed by one rehearsal day.


Record Release

Lighting Programmer: Derek Hoffman

Gear List:

9 – Aryton Mistrals
8 – Colorforce II 72
4 – Colorforce II 48
10 – GLP X4 Bar 20
4 – SGM P1
Balloon light

Finale Concert

Lighting Programmer: Eric Androvich

Gear List:

Ford Theater rep plot
6 – Clay Paky Mythos
15 – Sunstrip
2 – SGM P10

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