Sonos (Tech Notes)

Director: Mark Romanek
Lighting Designer: Michael Keeling
Lighting Console Programmer: Matt Ardine
Lighting Console Programmer: Breckenridge Haggerty
DMX Tech: Geoff Knight

Lighting Gear

280 – Colorforce 72
50 – Colorforce 48
50 – Colorforce 12
10 – Elation Pixel Tape
50 – Litegear RGB Litepads
12 – Colorblasts TRX
24 – PRG Ohm Spacelights

GrandMA2 Full
GrandMA2 Light
GrandMA2 Command Wing
4 – GrandMA2 NPU
3 –  GrandMA2 VPU Media Server
4 – Gigabit Switches
1 – Wireless Router
1 – Tablet PC
2 – Laptops running FCP
36 – Optosplitter

4,316 pixels
16,588 DMX channels of LED lights
20,792 DMX channels total
92,088 Diodes

After Michael Keeling came out with the design that involved 280 Colorforce 72, we were trying to figure out the best way to control these.  They would be in 12 group RGB magic amber mode.  We decided that using a media server to pixel map them would give us the most options. We brought on Breckenridge Haggerty to be the media server programmer.  Breckenridge’s media server of choice is the GrandMA VPU.  Here is an article about him and the VPU.  I still wanted to be able to control them through the console as regular fixtures because sometimes it is easier to turn on a single light through selecting the fixture than it is using the media server to squeeze down a layer to exactly that size.  To do this, we merged the Artnet output from the VPU back into the GrandMA2.  From there, all the DMX data went out MA-Net2 to (4) GrandMA NPU’s.

pixel map

sonos_addresing sonos_diagram

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