2011 Sundance Opening “Light is Love” (Tech Notes)


The treatment for this commercial asked for an LED wall that didn’t look like an LED wall. Mariana wanted to take stills of Sundance films and pixelmap them across the LED array. A bookcase-looking container was CNC’ed and 1,600 LED pixels were individually placed inside each hole. The result is a video display that doesn’t look like a video display.

Director: Mariana Blanco
Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
LED Designer & Programmer: Matt Ardine
Equipment : RGB Lights in Chicago


32 – Color Kinetics iColor Flex
2 – PDS-480CA
8 Port gigabit unmanaged switch
PC running Light System Composer
Macbook running final cut pro
4 – Source 4

After many different designs and budgets, I determined that the Color Kinetics iColor Flex Strings were the best product because of their price and speediness to install. We used 32 strings rented from RGB Lights in Chicago. They were powered by 2 PDS-480ca power supplies. These power supplies take Ethernet directly in using the KiNet protocol. So each device uses 16 universes. The power supplies were programmed using the free program from Color Kinetics, Light System Composer which was run on a PC. Also on the network, was a MacBook downloading videos from Sundance’s FTP and being edited in Final Cut Pro.


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