Passion Pit – Cry Like a Ghost (Tech Notes)

Cry Like a Ghost is the story of going through a woman’s life in fast forward and reverse. The whole video was filmed over the course of two nights in Griffith Park’s Cedar Grove. The lighting was used to change the forest into a bar, club, bedroom, and bus. For the bus scene, a media server was used to create some poor man effects with a projector.

Directors: Daniels
Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
Lighting Designer: Matt Ardine
Equipment: Cinelease Los AngelesLights

8 – Color Kinetics Colorblasts TRX
2 – Source 4 Lustre LEDs
10 – source 4
10 – Parcans
1 – ViewSonic PJD6531w WXGA Wide DLP Projector


GrandMA Command Wing
Katrin Media Server
8 port unmanaged gigabit switch
Swisson RDM & DMX Splitter

A grid was created using concave baby plates on the trees. From this grid were hung colorblasts and ultrabounce material. The Source 4 lustres were used to bounce off the ultrabounce to create ambient light that could be any color. For the bus scene, a projector was lighting a window to make it seem like the bus was moving. The projector’s feed was being output from the Katrin Media Server. The GrandMA2 programmed the Katrin via Artnet.




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